Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce-Is This Show For Real?

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce-Is This Show For Real?

So, I am now watching Season 1, Episode 2.

All lawyers are thieves. All mediators are jackals. Nasty litigation is the only way to survive and thrive.

Adultery is just fine.

The themes within this series remind me of when the news anchors tell terrorists exactly how and where to strike for maximum chaos.

Think about it. Shows like this are a recipe for how to conduct the meanest, nastiest, trench warfare divorce.

Let’s destroy parent-child relationships. Let’s manipulate our kids in order to make our exes jealous or angry.

Let’s not worry about when our kids end up with therapists.

Let’s make sure we spend all of their college money, as well as our retirement assets and everything else.

And let’s talk more about mediation. this episode shows how to not engage in mediation. As a highly experienced mediator, everything about it was just plain wrong. The room was wrong. The initial instructions were absurb. The conversation and arguments were staged for TV.

The resulting emotions triggered by this show are a fraud.

If you want to know how to get divorced, go to a highly experienced divorce attorney, such as one of the skilled divorce attorneys at SIEGELLAW.

Whatever you decide, if you see Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce coming, three words, folks:



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