How Many “Passes” Should Your Spouse Get Before Divorce?

How Many “Passes” Should Your Spouse Get Before Divorce?

Giving or getting a pass in a marriage in an interesting concept.

Passes are essentially forgiveness. But they are rarely if ever “forgotten.”

Passes come in degrees. The bigger the perceived misconduct, the fewer passes you get, or give.

After more than 25 years of practicing divorce law, I can share with you one thing for certain: the very first time a couple if considering whether to give/get a “pass”  is the day the two of you need to get to a stellar couples’/marital counselor.

For some couples, the worst thing you can do is try to work it out on your own without a superstar counselor.

Now, counselors, therapists and psychologists come in all types. The right fit so incredibly important, because the wrong fit can either (a) break up a good marriage, or (b) maintain a marriage that needs to end.

Not surprisingly, highly experienced divorce attorneys, such as the attorneys at SIEGELLAW, can guide you to the best fit for the right counselor for the two of you.


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