Divorce and College=FAFSA and collaboration between parents!

Every year, I provide our clients and the public with an introduction of the importance of early college payment planning.

Planning can begin before children are born. It continues through their youth. Hopefully, you are ready by the time they start college.

Enter divorce.

Divorce destroys college planning. Divorce limits parents’ abilities to contribute to college. Divorce sucks for kids, right?

It does not have to.

If you and your spouse want to fight about everything else, pledge to each other and to your kids to do whatever you have to do to get college paid for.

And that is often about the most complex matrix you could ever imagine.

So, take a look at one of my favorite websites, Khan Academy, get educated about FAFSA and paying for college and after that, think about whether you should engage a FAFSA expert. Here is the website:


As you probably know by now, I love giving out information. I love helping our clients. I love finding the right experts for each of our clients’ needs.

Think about it for a minute and you will see what I always say: divorce lawyers tend to always know the best experts and other referrals for anyone going through a divorce.


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