Visitation and Halloween

Visitation and Halloween

Could it get any more stressful than this?

Let’s say you are newly separated and have no agreements nor Court orders. Who gets to take the kids trick or treating?

How about if your case is over, but your agreement, or the Court, never mentioned Halloween. It could even get worse. Based on the schedule, each and every year, Halloween is a day the other parent has the kids.

Will you ever get to enjoy trick or treating with your kids in peace?

Enter your highly experienced divorce attorney, who can provide you with a great education and options, backed by decades of experience and the ability to move your life forward—including something that some parents (but fewer children) don’t even value.

Let’s look at the menu of potential options you might receive after a free consultation with a highly experienced family law attorney:

  1.  Crafting a written agreement between the parents to either share or alternate Halloween moving forward;
  2.  Holding a quick mediation session regarding holidays and special days that might never have made it to your  written agreement or court order;
  3.  Seeking expedited court intervention
  4.  Getting either a parenting coordinator or divorce counselor involved to resolve the issue.

There are obviously several more alternatives, as well, but I think you get the picture. Don’t stew about it, and don’t feel powerless about it. Meeting with a family law attorney can open you mind to several alternatives, all of which have the same goal—letting your children enjoy Halloween safely, and letting you enjoy watching them enjoy themselves.