Divorce Appeals in Maryland

Divorce Appeals in Maryland

You just lost your family law case. It might have been about custody, alimony, child support, assets, or any other aspect of family law. But you are angry and don’t know what to do next.

Should you appeal? Is there any chance of winning? Should you ask the judge to reconsider? Is there more than one kind of appeal? How long do you have? What type of attorney handles divorce and family law appeals?

The single most important question is how you should appeal. In family law, appeal periods may be as little as 10 days from the date the clerk enters the order signed by the court. You cannot wait until Day 9 to see an attorney, so you need to call a divorce appeal attorney within a day of the order being entered.

There is a process to determine whether an appeal makes sense and has a reasonable likelihood of success. Appeals can involve legal, factual, or other technical issues. Appellate courts are far more likely to address an appeal that has serious legal issues, major public policy issues, or factual issues that are not disputed. Appellate courts are less likely to substitute their opinion for the opinion of the trial judge.

A highly experienced Maryland divorce appeal attorney is going to skeptically review all available information before advising you on whether you should seek review of the decision of the court, and, if so, by what process.

There are several processes available, depending upon the issue. They include:

  • Filing an Appeal to the Court of Special Appeals
  • Filing a request for three trial judges to review the decision
  • Asking the trial judge to reconsider his or her own decision

To maximize your ability to get a better result, get to a highly experienced family law appeal attorney quickly. SIEGELLAW has been handling family law appeals for decades. We can review your case at a complimentary meeting and determine if an appeal could be successful for you.

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