Can Your Friends Break Up Your Marriage

Can Your Friends Break Up Your Marriage

It has been known to happen.

Your marriage is not the greatest. You and your partner are not communicating. Maybe you are arguing, maybe not. The bottom line is that you and your spouse are on very separate pages.

You have poured your life into your friends. You are always out together. You support each other. Being with your friends has become far more comfortable than spending time with your spouse.

Months later, your marriage is getting no better, but you and your friends are getting closer and closer. They start to ask you why you are spending more time with them instead of your spouse. You don’t have an answer.

You start talking to your spouse about how much more supportive your friends have been, and your home life feels like it is lacking.

This has become a moment of truth in your marriage.

Will you use what your friends have said as a wakeup call to re-connect with your spouse, or will you allow this comfortable new bond with your friends move you towards divorce?

Understand the warning signs, and then know what resources are available to you to take the next step forward. Communication is a great start. A fantastic counselor should be your first step.

But your friends are divided. Some of them want to help you save your marriage. Others want you to separate and divorce, so that you remain close with them. Maybe some of your friends have terrible marriages or relationships and do not want to see your marriage succeed.

If you think your marriage is facing big challenges, make an appointment with an experienced divorce attorney. Not only can he or she provide you with a great education regarding your options, but the most experienced divorce attorneys also know who the best—and worst—couples and marital counselors are.

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