The Decision to Divorce in 2020

The Decision to Divorce in 2020

decision-to-divorceIt’s no secret: Most decisions to divorce occur in the month of January. Many speculate as to why – but it is clearly the reality.

If you are making the decision to divorce, be practical. There is much to think about.

Here are just 10 questions to consider when making the decision to divorce.

  1. What do I need to think about before making the final decision?
  2. What is the best way to discuss this with my spouse?
  3. How will our children be impacted?
  4. Can I afford to divorce?
  5. Where will I live?
  6. How do I crunch the numbers to financially provide for myself after separating and divorcing?
  7. How much will an attorney cost?
  8. Can I use mediation or some other process and not spend tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees?
  9. Do I need any “experts,” like a therapist, a financial advisor, or a realtor?
  10. How do I take the first step to divorce?

Your first stop should almost always be to a seasoned attorney who specializes in divorce – and divorce only. This is easy to verify on an attorney’s website. The key is to look at the attorney’s blogs. Do they answer your questions? What about questions you may not have thought of? Do they appear to be helpful?

Your attorney is your guide for all matters related to the divorce process. He or she will also have access to all of the consultants and experts you may need. Sometimes there is a need to value a business. Sometimes you need the best realtor, the best child counselor, even the best guide for college admissions and payment for your children.

During an initial free consultation, your attorney will walk you step by step through your options and help you craft a plan that allows you to move forward in your life.

Divorce can be difficult – practically, emotionally, and financially. You don’t have to research everything on your own.

If you didn’t know much about stocks, would you want to pick your own and take your chances with the market? Of course not. If you own a business, don’t you want a clear path for continuing that business?

Experience matters in most fields. Consulting with an experienced divorce attorney is the best place to begin your journey. SIEGELLAW can help you. Call us at 410-792-2300 or fill out the form on this page to request additional information.